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we'll do all our thinking [o u t loud] and w.a.i.t for daylight.

Attention anyone who can read! [thatmeansYOU!]

ThisBrokenHeart is has a new issue! Yep...we worked hard for a few weeks, and the new issue is finally here! I know you were just anxiously waiting for this day. This issue is sorta special because it focuses on all our poetry. Which basically just means we're awesome and you want one. e-mail me at and tell me your mailing address. Our zine runs on's how it works:

  • You email me with your mailing address.
  • When the zine comes out, I'll send you a copy that we work so very hard to put out each month.
  • When you get the zine in the mail, you read it, LOVE it, and out of the graciousness of your heart, and because you love me so much and know that money doesn't grow on trees, send a trade!
  • A trade can be long as it comes from the heart. A mixtape, CD, love letter, some buckaroos. We're not picky...just don't be sending any bombs, that'd be slightly lame.
  • From then on, you'll be a minion to the zine, and I'll be forever grateful for your heartfelt trade.

Returning readers: you know the can leave me a comment just to let me know you'd like another issue. Thanks everyone!

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Ooh, ooh! Pick me! Pickmepleeeeeeease, mememememememe!

Lemme know if you need my CT address.

I would rather be safe than sorry, so why don't you email me with it?
I guess I'll take one. ;)
actually, we're all out already.


; ]
um, i'd like another one....[!!!] i can send you half of a hamilton if ya'd like??
but of course, my lady
: ]